Inflow Control Device
Variperm’s Q-Controller is a liner-deployed autonomous, nozzle-based inflow control system for vertical, horizontal or deviated well completions. The Q-Controller independently and autonomously controls water breakthrough. Oil production is unhindered with the Q-Controller design and is preferentially produced over both water and gas. Installing multiple Q-Controllers can improve recovery rates and optimize the inflow profile along the production interval. Each Q-Controller is completed and custom designed with Variperm’s direct wrapped screen, resulting in large open flow areas for optimal exposure to the reservoir sand and producing interval. The Q-Controller is applicable for optimal inflow distribution control and increases productivity. An integrated wire-wrapped screen for reservoir-specific sand control is combined and deployed in a single trip.

Features and Benefits

  • Engineered nozzle sizes along the work string for uniform inflow profile
  • Sand Control options include proSTRAIGHT, proSEAM, proWRAP, proPUNCH, proMESH, and proPACK
  • Flush OD to match blank casing and large ID bore access
  • Zonal isolation in each independent area of formation it resides in for optimal control
  • High Torque-Sealed Connections allow rotation of the Q-Controller liner during installation
  • Improved recovery rates, production optimization and well management
  • Tungsten carbide nozzles reduce erosion and corrosion
  • Pressure drop across nozzles are viscosity insensitive; High-flowing velocity water can be choked effectively by higher pressure drop
  • Nozzles can be plugged into Q-Controller at rig-site with minimal handling
  • Variperm’s proprietary wellbore simulation software (NALU) creates custom nozzle size design


  • Production wells requiring sand and flow control
  • Evenly distributed inflow profile along the well
  • Delaying water breakthrough
  • Ideal for inflow optimization and production maximization
  • Suitable for vertical, deviated and horizontal completions
  • Openhole stand-alone completions
  • Using intelligent well technology for zonal isolation


  • Multiple thread options to meet work string requirements
  • Sand Control engineering with Variperms proprietary semi-empirical slot width modelling program
  • Temperature sensing technology available for even steam control monitoring
  • Variperm’s proprietary ENC coating option available

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