With an in-depth technical understanding of reservoir conditions, Variperm delivers flow control solutions capable of optimizing production in any reservoir. Our unique and proven flow control technology is used in wells throughout the Canadian oil sands, Middle East, Mexico, and South America.

Our flow control device technology is founded on extensively applied research and proven field performance for both inflow (ICD) and outflow (OCD) applications in liner and tubing deployed wells. Variperm’s differentiator is the technical expertise devoted to nozzle design and the delivery of controlled and consistent operations. 


Flow control devices designed to optimize your exploitation strategy.

OptiCon (Optimal Conformance) Flow Control

Variperm’s OptiCon Flow Control Technology provides the flow distribution required to maximize well productivity. We always look forward to collaborating with new and existing customers to develop tailored flow control technology solutions. Variperm is the market leader in sand and flow control solutions. Paired with our OptiCon Q-Series Flow Control Technology, we can provide a value-added solution to your most challenging reservoirs.

OptiCon provides solutions in the following areas: 

  • Thermal in-flow applications
  • Thermal-outflow, shiftable
  • Infill wells
  • Wells with limited access
  • Liner and tubing deployed applications
  • Waterflood applications

We pride ourselves in leading the movement to maximize production and truly unlock energy worldwide. Learn how we can help you address your reservoir challenge with customized flow control products. Our flow control devices can help you achieve unmatched performance. 


ICDs - Inflow control devices for uniform rates
OCDs - Outflow control devices ideal for fluid distribution
AICDs - Autonomous inflow control devices to boost production


Q-Series Flow Control Devices

Why Q?

We prefixed our tool names with the letter Q because it represents volumetric flow rate in fluid dynamics, rational numbers in mathematics, and maximized profits in economics—all in line with Variperm’s technology-driven attitude.

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NALU™ is a low-overhead simulator that relies on limited input, provides results within minutes, and uses physical conservation equations rather than empirical relations to determine state-property profiles.

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