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Variperm offers Right by Right/Right by Left, Blank, & Weld On tri-seal K-Packers. Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel versions are available. These provide a "sand tight" seal between the screen and casing inner diameter. Constructed from 70 durometer rubber which is vulcanized and bonded under heat and pressure to the pipe or coupling. K-Packers for both Pipe Size Screen and Telescope Screen are readily available. If our standard options do not meet your needs a unique custom K-Packer can be quickly designed and manufactured.

K-Packer photo from Variperm.Two or more K-Packers can be used in series to avoid problems with bad casing. One of the K-Packers may be landed in a problem section of casing that does not provide a secure seal. A proper seal can then be obtained by the second K-Packer. As well, when running into deep wells multiple K-Packers may be used to lessen the possibility of the seal lips being damaged during the install.

Custom made overshot double K-Packers and snap-latch double K-Packers can be designed upon request, for the purpose of installation of the sand tight seal post gravel pack.

The overshot design utilizes a smaller K-Packer at the top of the screen/riser pipe, with an overshot double K-Packer being pushed overtop after the Gravel pack is in place. The single K-packer seals inside overshot double K-Packer, while the overshot double K-Packer seals against the casing. Click here to download an example of a Variperm Overshot design.

For utilization of our snap-latch double K-Packers, a receptacle is attached to the top of the Screen/riser pipe. After the gravel pack is in place, a double K-Packer complete with a snap-ring stinger is installed in the well. The stinger enters the receptacle, and the snap-ring engages, connecting the receptacle to the double K-Packer assembly. The stinger is sealed inside the receptacle with an O-ring. Once the snap ring is engaged, it cannot be disengaged. Click here to download an example of a Variperm snap-latch design.

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