Solutions By Industry


Variperm has expertise in all industrial sand control products and services that fall outside of the petroleum industry category.

Variperm's industrial filters are manufactured using our proven oil field sand control screen manufacturing techniques. We are able to custom engineer and manufacture filtration screens for any application. Variperm engineers will work with you to customize and design an effective solution to any filtration need you may have. Our screen products are second to none and our services are guaranteed.

Industrial sand control products from Variperm.

Our filters and fittings are manufactured using high quality 304L or 316L stainless steel. Material specifications are confirmed with the customer to ensure that it meets the projects requirements.

Variperm also manufactures a complete line of industrial nozzles and intakes. These can be manufactured with diameters ranging from 9.53mm (3/8") to 609.6mm (24"). Threaded connections, weld rings, end plates and centralizers of all types and sizes are available.


Variperm's engineering and design team are experts in the field of filter fabrication. Our design team works side by side with the manufacturing personnel to provide high quality filter products.

At Variperm's facility, quality control is as important as the fabrication process. Each individual who is involved in the fabrication of a Variperm filter device takes pride in their part of the process. The finished product will not be released for shipment until all in-house and customer specifications are met.

Our industrial efforts include:

• Custom designed vacuum line, industrial filter and tank filtration screens

• Catalyst media support and retention screens for refining and chemical processing applications

• Dewatering, fiber filtration and liquid-solid separation screens for mineral processing, waste water, pulp and paper production, and other treatment applications

Our accomplished people, in conjunction with our complete machine shop and manufacturing plant, will work with you to find a resolution for every industrial filtration application.

Please contact us to discuss your industrial filtration requirements.