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As the leading Canadian manufacturer of wire wrapped screen, Variperm has the experience and capability to provide sand control solutions for any type of environmental application. Whether you have a design in mind or require a custom manufactured filtration solution, we offer the best sand control products and services in Canada with turnaround times as quick as 24 hours.

Environmental sand control product form Variperm.

Variperm wire wrapped screen filters (also known as wedge wire, v wire and profile wire screen filters) are manufactured by wrapping a shaped wire continuously around a number of evenly spaced inner support ribs. Both 'wrap' and 'rib' wires are available in various shapes and sizes. By choosing different combinations of wrap and rib wires, the strength and open area of the screen is adjustable to meet the needs of the customer.

All Variperm wire wrap screens are manufactured in our Calgary, Alberta screen plant. Variperm has the capability to manufacture wire wrapped screens with a slot size or 'gauge' from 0.003" (75 micron) to 0.500" (12.7mm), and up to a maximum inner diameter of 23.25" (591mm).

Each individual rib wire is electric resistance welded to the wrap wire at all points of contact. This process develops a strong screen with an unobstructed outer surface that allows fluid and particulate to flow freely around and over the screen.

Corrosion is limited through the proper selection of materials. Variperm's standard screen materials are 304L and 316L stainless steel. Other more exotic materials are available on request.

The self-cleaning action of the wedge (keystone) shaped wrap wire ensures incrustations do not build-up on the inside surface of the screen, thus preventing flow restrictions from developing. The resulting friction losses and corrosion rates will be minimal as a result of this self-cleaning action.

All Variperm screens are manufactured in Calgary as they are requested by our customers. By doing this we guarantee that the screen product we ship is exactly you require. Constant monitoring during the manufacturing process ensures that welds are of a very high quality and that the screen gauge is precisely maintained.

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Variperm manufactures custom designed Header and Hub Laterals based on customer specifications. Wire wrapped screen header lateral systems are commonly used for sand retention, resin filtration, activated-carbon columns and in-distribution processes. Welded, threaded connections and flanges are commonly used.

The orientation, size, length and number of laterals that are attached to the header or hub is dependent upon the vessel and the process which it is used for.

Variperm also offers various wire wrapped screen options for passive water intake screens for the water intake and water treatment markets. Whether it is for rivers, lakes, dams or oceans, our engineers work with you to fabricate a specialized filtration design for your application.

Variperm typically designs water intake systems around the goal of maintaining low entrance velocities. The low velocity permits debris and aquatic life to move past the screen without being trapped against it, thus preserving the large open area of the wire wrapped screen and limiting the danger to the fish and other aquatic population.

These are just a few of the applications which are well suited for Variperm wire wrap screens. Flow can be either from the outside in through the screen or from inside and out through the screen. Screens can be produced for replacement of existing filters or they can be engineered to be unique to meet the requirements of your individual project.

Some of our other past environmental sand control projects include:

  • Wire wrapped screens for environmental assessment and monitoring of water contamination
  • Drive point piezometer screens for short and long term groundwater monitoring
  • Flat panel profile wire screens for agricultural, fish and water diversion, and wastewater purposes
  • Custom designed baskets, screen cartridge filters, strainers, resin traps, and much more

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