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Variperm is the leading provider of gravel pack products and services to operators in Canada. Since our inception in 1969, Variperm has designed and performed hundreds of unique gravel packs for a wide range of customers in diverse applications including oil and gas, industrial, municipal, and agricultural water wells.


Gravel packing is a sand control technique which prevents the production of damaging formation sands and fines. Gravel packing is performed by placing a selected size gravel around the outside of a stainless steel wire wrapped screen. The goal is to prevent the movement of the unwanted formation solids into the wellbore so sand free production can be achieved.

A calculated amount of gravel is mixed with carrier fluid and is pumped down the well at a desired pressure. When the gravel is in place, the gravel has a higher permeability than the formation sand. This causes the producing fluid to travel through the gravel at a lower velocity, preventing the disturbance of formation solids.

When gravel packing, the velocity and pressure are very important, and the best results are obtained by using a gravel pack unit operated by experienced personnel. A gravel pack unit permits the operator to control the gravel, fluid and well at all times. Gravel can be continuously pumped without releasing the pressure on the well.

A proper carrier fluid is critical as well, and the fluid used will depend on the well conditions. Oil, fresh water, saltwater or weighted water are all available options for gravel packing. It is extremely important that the carrier fluid is cleaned to the proper specification. All clay, silt, cuttings, and other debris should be screened or filtered out of the carrier fluid.

It is widely accepted that a properly designed and installed, graded gravel pack will enhance a well’s efficiency and will control the migration of fine formation sand into the well. These and other value-added aspects of a gravel pack are collectively the reasons that the majority of municipal, oil and gas, industrial, and agricultural water wells are completed with gravel envelopes.

Ultimately, the gravel pack should enhance the efficiency of the well and control the migration of sand from the formation to meet the performance requirements of the project.


Variperm engineers are highly versed in gravel packing production and completion techniques, along with a library of proven completion designs which can be tailored to your application and the geological formation of your operation.

We can work with you to provide recommendations and considerations for gravel packing design criteria including:

  • Sand sample cleaning, sieve analysis, and particle size distribution interpolation for gravel selection
  • Sourcing of quality and recognized gravel pack sand sizes in accordance to recognized industry standards such as API RP 58
  • Casing and liner sizing requirements, including wire wrapped screen, tell-tale and downhole completion tool details and specifications

Along with the above, Variperm provides detailed guidance on the necessary well preparations required for a successful open or cased hole gravel pack including:

  • Drilling and completion practices, fluids and filtration, perforation dressing and gravel placement techniques
  • Gravel pack operation and execution details, along with information on the required surface equipment and sub surface downhole completion tools such as packers, crossover tools, centralizers, etc.
  • Wire wrapped screen installation and pre/post gravel pack procedure guidelines and best practices

Variperm offers experienced and trained field operations personnel along with the rental of specialized gravel packing equipment. Variperm gravel packing equipment consists of a variety of high pressure mixing drums, filtration systems, control valves, gauges, etc. mounted on trailers. This allows easy accessibility for gravel packing both cased or open hole applications. The gravel packing equipment can also be fit into a sea container for our international customers.

Working with Variperm is easy – you will be assigned a single point of contact from initial inquiry through to completion. Throughout the process, Variperm senior engineers and field workers are on hand 24/7 to provide the technical and custom solutions needed to keep production on track.

Contact us today to discuss your next project. You can learn more about our other sand control product and service offerings here.

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