Our flow control device technology is founded on extensively applied research and proven field performance for both inflow (ICD) and outflow (OCD) applications in liner and tubing deployed wells. Variperm’s differentiator is the technical expertise devoted to well design and nozzle optimization for the delivery of controlled and consistent operations.

Variperm’s OptiCon Flow Control Technology provides the flow distribution required to maximize well productivity. Paired with our proSERIES Sand Control Technology, Variperm offers a complete liner or tubing deployed flow control device (FCD) to your most challenging reservoirs. We always look forward to collaborating with new and existing customers to develop tailored flow control technology solutions.

OptiCon (Optimal Conformance) Flow Control

Variperm’s OptiCon™ is a liner-deployed autonomous, nozzle-based inflow control system for vertical, horizontal or deviated well completions. The OptiCon independently and autonomously controls water breakthrough. Oil production is unhindered with the OptiCon design and is preferentially produced over both water and gas. Installing multiple OptiCons can improve recovery rates and optimize the inflow profile along the production interval. Each OptiCon is completed and custom designed with Variperm’s proSERIES sand control technologies, resulting in large open flow areas for optimal exposure to the reservoir sand and producing interval. The OptiCon is applicable for optimal inflow distribution control and increases productivity. An integrated screen for reservoir-specific sand control is combined and deployed in a single trip.


  • Engineered nozzle sizes along the work string for uniform inflow profile
  • Sand Control options include proSLOT™, proSEAM™, proWRAP™, proPUNCH™, proMESH™, and proPACK™
  • Flush OD to match blank casing and large ID bore access
  • Zonal isolation in each independent area of formation it resides in for optimal control
  • High Torque-Sealed Connections allow rotation of the OptiCon liner during installation
  • Improved recovery rates, production optimization and well management
  • Tungsten carbide nozzles reduce erosion and corrosion
  • Pressure drop across nozzles are viscosity insensitive; High-flowing velocity water can be choked effectively by higher pressure drop



  • Multiple thread options to meet work string requirements
  • Sand Control engineering with Variperms proprietary semi-empirical slot width modelling program
  • Temperature-sensing technology
  • NALU™ flow control wellbore modelling and optimization

We pride ourselves in leading the movement to maximize production and truly unlock energy worldwide. Learn how we can help you address your reservoir challenge with customized flow control products. Our flow control devices can help you achieve unmatched performance. 


ICDs - Inflow control devices for uniform rates
OCDs - Outflow control devices ideal for fluid distribution
AICDs - Autonomous inflow control devices to boost production


Opti-Series Flow Control Devices

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Outflow Control Device
Nozzle or tube based shifting sleeve with axial distribution

Variperm's OptiShift™ flow control device (FCD) is used to maximize production efficiency by improving injection characteristics. The device’s flow conditioning extends the injecting zone length, reduces openhole erosion and casing damage, while optimizing custom injection rates with a uniform injection profile.

The OptiShift maximizes injection efficiencies along the well by exit flow conditioning. The device’s laminar exit flow extends the thermal reach beyond traditional injecting zones, thus reducing the number of installations required. This increases injection efficiency at the delivery point.

This device offers operational flexibility for controlling the number of exit port numbers. The OptiShift comes with two-position sliding sleeve technology and can be selectively shifted opened or closed.


  • Two-position shiftable
  • Bi-directional injection
  • Field configurable options
  • Uniform injection profile along length of wellbore
  • Selective shifting via coiled tubing
  • Tubing or liner deployed



  • Outflow control device for steam, water, or gas injection
  • Inflow control
  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal completions
  • High-temperature/high-pressure service


  • Variperm patented nozzle technologies for outflow or inflow control
  • Zonal isolation packers
  • Hydraulic or mechanical shifting
  • Shift-validation technology
  • Temperature-sensing technology
  • NALU™ flow control wellbore modelling and optimization
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Nozzles and Plugs - Setup 2

Variperm's cutting edge nozzles are built to enhance your flow control device by restricting flow to force a uniform production rate throughout the length of your well. Our flagship D nozzles can be used in all types of steam and water-assisted operations, including SAGD, CSS, steamflooding, and waterflooding, and will help operators manage well performance regardless of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the reservoir.



NALU™ is a low-overhead simulator that relies on limited input, provides results within minutes, and uses physical conservation equations rather than empirical relations to determine state-property profiles.

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