Capabilities & Expertise

Capabilities & Expertise

Variperm is an established service and product company that specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of sand control & flow control solutions, manufacture and supply of a full line of completion and work-over tools, cost effective well abandonment solutions, as well as supply of cased hole fishing tools and services and equipment rental.

Variperm's unique vertically integrated service and manufacturing model enables the company to provide unparalleled responsiveness and customer service. This internal integration of multiple areas on the same production path - sand control and flow control design, manufacturing, engineering and service - allows us to increase our knowledge base, reduce costs, improve efficiency and decrease turnaround time.

Our capabilities and expertise fall into the following categories:

  • Sand Control
  • Flow Control
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Field Service

Flow Control Devices

Variperm's in-house flow loop for characterization of flow control devices is a valuable tool to understand each unique challenge and tailor the design for specific applications; it also helps clients on understanding of various flow control devices’ performance for different flow conditions and selecting the most appropriate flow control solutions.


Variperm has been providing effective solutions for sand control since our inception in 1969. We are proud to be the leading choice for wire wrapped filtration & flow control technology and services in Canada. From engineering to designing and manufacturing, Variperm has revolutionized both technologies, using state-of-the art techniques and materials.

Our Sand Control Solutions provides the industry with the highest caliber construction, durability and flow performance while providing industry leading production capacity.

Our All Welded Wire Wrapped Base Pipe Screen offers high caliber construction, durability and flow performance. We have engineered, designed, patented and been first-to-market with many of our specialized products:


Flow Control image from InnoTech Alberta Inc.

Courtesy of InnoTech Alberta Inc.

Variperm has assembled a team that has an extensive background with fluid hydraulics, well engineering and custom rapid response manufacturing. Variperm continues to conduct in-house testing and work with InnoTech Alberta, C-FER Technologies and Noetic Engineering to replicate fluid conditions so that it can test and qualify both existing and novel designs.

Variperm’s approach to testing and qualification includes:

  • Multiphase testing at up to 220°C to build modelling capabilities related to thermal environments
  • Inhouse flow loops design specifically related to thermal applications
  • Alliances with external labs for enhanced testing of low subcool flow characteristics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics capabilities to build understanding of flashing flow related specifically to thermal processes
  • Cyclic testing of screens and Flow Control Devices up to 350°C
  • Erosion mitigation solutions designed specifically for thermal operations

Variperm’s commitment towards flow control is intended to provide our clients with an optimum design window to ensure the most value in their flow control selection, whether it is a more conventional design or our latest product offerings.


Manufacturing capabilities at VaripermVariperm began its foray into manufacturing in 1981, designing and engineering our own stainless steel wire wrapped screen. Our advancements in wire wrapped screen and recently flow control technology have positioned Variperm as a technology leader and given Canadian producers the local technology they readily needed.

Variperm also manufactures our own line of completion and work-over tools.

Today, Variperm designs and manufactures both off the shelf and customized, well-specific solutions in our 65,000+ sq ft state-of-the-art Calgary facility. As a result, Variperm is able to manufacture a custom application as quickly as providing an “off the shelf” solution. Having full control of all manufacturing processes affords Variperm the ability to respond quickly to engineering changes and unforeseen on-site circumstances.


Engineering is vital to Variperm’s day-to-day operations. Our engineers are fully versed in all oil and gas procedures and have the expertise to quickly and effectively provide any sand control solution. Our engineers leverage the practical experience gained from our field operations to produce a solution that is as effective in the field as was envisioned in the office.

Some of our engineering services include:

  • Horizontal and vertical wire wrap filter design and implementation
  • Completion and work-over tool design
  • Development of various technical and safety specifications
  • Development of manufacturing specifications and drawings
  • Inspection of core sand samples and diagnosis of solution
  • Knowledge of all on-site processes and solutions


In addition to the custom engineering and manufacturing of wire wrap filtration screens, Variperm offers a host of other sand control services, including gravel packing and other sand control completion techniques.

But it’s more than what services we offer, it’s how we offer them:

Variperm delivers guaranteed 24/7 customer service, an advantage no other sand control services company currently provides. Our senior engineers are always on hand to provide technical and custom solutions, allowing our clients to mitigate significant downtime costs due to delayed drilling and wellbore challenges.

We are steadfast in our approach: to work together with our customers to quickly provide the most effective sand control solution, including mobilizing crews and providing services and replacement equipment to your jobsite within hours. And because our sand control products are custom manufactured on-site in our Calgary facility, we can guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time for most applications.