Variperm Celebrates 50 Years

Variperm 50th anniversary

Variperm thanks everyone who has supported our company over the past 50 years – from staff, clients, friends, family, and company representatives. We look forward to another 50 successful years together!

A little bit of history…

The name “Variperm” comes from the term “Variable Permeability” and was the name of the original down hole oil and gas filters that we manufactured in the late 1960s. These filters were manufactured from sorted silica sand and, depending on the size of the silica sand used, the permeability of the filter varied. The typical size of the original Variperm screens were 3ft length cylinders of various diameters.


This type of sand control device was utilized for conventional oil and gas well applications throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin until 1982. When a new technology emerged…

In 1982, Variperm became the first company in Canada to manufacture stainless steel wire wrapped screen. The wire wrapped screen technology brought Variperm into the forefront of the sand control industry and gave Canadian producers the local technology required for any sand control application.

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