Perforated Liner
Variperm’s perforated liner systems are a proficient and cost effective way to establish communication between the reservoir and the well bore. Multi spindle drill presses are used to produce liners which have a standard open area of 3%. Perforations per meter, hole diameter, phasing, and open flow area percentage are adjustable per client specification.

The stress concentration factors introduced into the liner as a result of the perforation process are limited when circular holes are used. As a result the residual stresses caused by the bending and torsional loading which occurs during the installation of the liner are minimized. Every perforated casing and tubing joint is put through a comprehensive drifting and deburring process utilizing Variperm’s High Pressure Pneumatic Drifting tool which ensures a burr free liner and full I.D. perforations with no restrictions on the I.D. of the liner.


  • Horizontal well bores as standalone systems or combined with swellable packers.
  • Horizontal well bores to provide hole consolidation where a cemented liner is not necessary
  • Injection Wells


  • API Q1TM Certified manufacturing processes
  • High open area which provides low pressured drop and velocity across the liner
  • Ability to perforate any desired hole pattern, diameter, or phasing
  • No cost for wireline or tubing conveyed perforating

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