Model HS Liner Packer

The Model HS Liner Packer is the big brother to the Model H Packer. When slips are needed in vertical or pressure-concerned situations, the Model HS Liner Packer will deliver the same setting and safety procedures as the Model H.
The Model HS Liner Packer comes with superior Dove Tail slips. These are bi-directional, springless, channel guided slips that are hydraulically activated.


  • Channel guided and bi-directional slips
  • Zero springs
  • Full bore design to remove liner restriction
  • High packoff on element system for better seal
  • All shoulders are bevelled for easy entry of downhole equipment into the liner top
  • Can use standard or extended tieback barrel
  • Moulded steel to rubber element for more rugged running and sealing
  • Can be used with the one trip ‘RIP’ Plug system
  • Can be used to land inside of tieback barrels with an isolation seal assembly
  • Stacking can be performed easily if required with DS tieback seal assembly

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