HDO Hanger and RIP Plug System

The Retrievable Isolation Plug (RIP) is a tool designed to be used when running liner that requires a Liner Top Packer and Retrievable Bride Plug installation once the liner is in place.
This unique patent-pending system enables the RIP Plug to be run with a Liner Packer/Hanger and Setting Tool all on one trip of pipe. This allows the Liner Top System to have full functionality to push, pull, rotate and circulate as a regular Liner Top System. This provides the ability to set the RIP Plug hydraulically or mechanically with no extra steps to isolate the wellbore.
Simply complete the running and setting procedure of standard Liner Setting Tools and once off the liner with the running tool, users pressure up on the wellbore for confirmation and pressure testing of the RIP Plug.

Competitors’ systems require an additional round trip of pipe to set a Retrievable Isolation Plug, which costs time, money, wear and tear and additional safety factors. This system is the first of its kind and allows logging past the Liner Top into the Liner for deeper logging abilities.
The RIP Plug is designed to be run with the Running Tool and H-Style Liner System. This unique application was designed to give the best results with little or no interference of setting procedures.
Thermal applicable to 340°C.



The Model HDO Liner Top Packer/Hanger is a unique liner top system with a hydraulic chamber built into the tool itself, allowing for larger ID on the setting tool and more packoff at the liner packer elements. This makes it ideal for thermal applications that require ‘hard set’ elements to be packed off. The vulcanized underset element system allows for faster running time due to reduced risk of element scrubbing or failure.
The Model HDO Liner Top Packer/Hanger requires the liner running tool to be used for running in the wellbore, setting and releasing the running string. With a secondary rotational release and a rugged body build, the tool is ideal for wells with significant drag issues.

The Model HDO can be manufactured with upper or lower slips if required for a permanent fixed liner top.

HDO-Liner-Top Packer-Hanger


  • Full bore design to remove liner restriction
  • High packoff on element system for better seal
  • All shoulders are bevelled for easy entry of downhole equipment into the liner top
  • Upper tieback barrel can be built in 0.5-m intervals to maximum of 3.5 m
  • Moulded steel to rubber element for more rugged running and sealing
  • Can be used with the ‘RIP’ Plug one-trip system
  • Can be used to land inside of tieback barrels with an isolation seal assembly
  • Stacking can be completed easily if required with DS tieback seal assembly


The RIP plug enables isolation below the liner hanger for deeper logging runs, thermal applications and saving your drilling rig a round trip of pipe. It is also set for easy retrieval while allowing for full equalizations before pulling out of hole. Enjoy all the benefits of a WR plug without the worry of swabbing, plugged ports when equalizing, relaxation of elements and having to rely on slips for a secure set.


  • Thermal applicable
  • Coil retrievable using less services on completion
  • Zero risk of swabbing pulling out of hole
  • No need to rely on relaxing elements and difficult shears
  • Full circulation capabilities

Thermal Capabilities:

  • Each Thermal Hanger and RIP Plug can be adjusted and built to a customer’s specific needs
  • An absolute maximum temperature limit of 454°C can be achieved if desired
  • Pressure limit to 24,100 kpa
  • Thermal Tie-Back can be applied to work as an expansion receptacle
  • The RIP Plug can be placed in different areas below the Hanger to accommodate logging

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