Industry-leading DR nozzle technology to be presented at iconic ATCE by Variperm

September 11, 2022


Calgary, AB—Variperm Energy Services is pleased to announce that its technical team will be presenting research at the esteemed SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE). The paper “A Passive Flow Control Nozzle For Water Choking Application” explores the powerful capabilities of the Variperm’s patented water choking DR™ nozzle.

The presentation is included in a technical session entitled “Old Challenges, New Solutions - Keeping Sand Away!”, which will showcase operator case studies of sand control operations alongside new screen materials and the best practices to manage sanding risks.

ATCE, which takes place Oct. 3 through 5 in Houston, Texas, attracts thousands of E&P professionals together annually and is known as the most influential industry event for innovations and technologies that shape the future of the industry.

The paper is authored by Dr. Da Zhu, Variperm Flow Control Technical Manager; Dr. Mohammad Soroush from University of Alberta; Dr. Gio Rosi, Flow Control Research Engineer of Variperm and University of Calgary; and Ryan Scott, Pacific Perforating Inc. Account Manager.

The paper introduces the DR nozzle, a proprietary passive inflow control nozzle with no moving parts. It’s unique for its ability to choke back water while maintaining oil production. The DR passive water choking nozzle is the first of its kind in industry. Because of the absence of moving parts, scaling and plugging is significantly mitigated. The mechanism, flow loop test, and near-wellbore and reservoir simulation results of the DR nozzle will be presented at the conference.  

If you’re attending the conference, plan to attend the technical session on Oct. 4 at 8:30 a.m. in room 361 D-F.
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