Research & Innovation

Over our 49 year history, Variperm has evolved into a technological leader and innovator of sand control products and services in the Canadian Western Sedimentary Basin.

We are proud to be the leading choice for wire wrapped filtration technology and services in Canada. From engineering to designing and manufacturing, Variperm has revolutionized wire wrap filtration technology, using state-of-the-art techniques and materials.

In addition to our All Welded Wire Wrapped Base Pipe Screen - a product that is dominating the industry in high-caliber construction, durability and flow performance - we have engineered, designed, patented and been first to market with:

  • The world’s first ‘waxed sealed liners’ used in SAGD applications throughout North America
  • A special down-hole tool that prevents tubing back-off from certain pumping applications
  • The first tension torque anchor used in the oil and gas industry
  • Introducing tubing conveyed bailers to the Canadian oil and gas market
  • The first “one trip abandonment system” used in the oil and gas industry

We are proud of our innovation and proprietary achievements, ongoing research techniques, joint venture opportunities and our genuine ability to inject fresh thinking in the sand control industry.

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ISO:9001 certification

Quality is the best business plan. ISO:9001 certification arriving July 2018.


24/7 Customer Service

Variperm provides engineering, field service and custom manufacturing solutions within 24 hours to save money and minimize downtimes.