Conventional Sand Screens

In addition to our premier SAGD horizontal screen technology, Variperm provides superior, custom filtration screens for conventional, or vertical, drilling wells. We specialize in the geological formations of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, but have the knowledge and expertise required to engineer and design custom solutions for any complex geological area.

Upon receipt of a soil sample, we will customize an exact slot size liner based on the results of our sieve analysis. The result is an exact, effective solution that prevents both frac and formation sand from entering a vertical wellbore. 


Variperm’s conventional and SAGD horizontal sand screens are engineered, designed and manufactured on-site in our 65,000 sq ft Calgary facility. As a result, all custom vertical well filters are guaranteed within 24 hours from soil analysis to completion.

Variperm’s conventional wire wrapped liners are mechanically durable and virtually maintenance-free. Other features and benefits include:

  • wire wrap base pipe pre-packed screens
  • true keystone design for self cleaning and maximum flow
  • over 40 wires/shapes used to account for various slot sizes and variables
  • slot size from .003” - .400”
  • 304L SS or 316L SS rib and wrap wire
  • special alloys available
  • high open flow area 7%-10%
  • ability to wrap tubulars from 1.9” – 10.75”
  • gang perforated tubing with ½” or 3/8” holes
  • resistance against plugging – solder strip, weldbead and lug free
  • corrosion and erosion resistant
  • more open flow area than slotted liners, increasing flow and productivity