In addition to the custom engineering and manufacturing of wire wrap filtration screens, Variperm offers a host of other sand control services, including gravel packing and other sand control completion techniques.

But it’s more than what services we offer, it’s how we offer them: Variperm delivers guaranteed 24/7 customer service, an advantage no other sand control services company currently provides.

Our senior engineers are always on hand to provide technical and custom solutions, allowing our clients to mitigate significant downtime costs due to delayed drilling and wellbore challenges. 

We are steadfast in our approach: to work together with our customers to quickly provide the most effective sand control solution, including mobilizing crews and providing services and replacement equipment to your jobsite within hours. And because our sand control products are custom manufactured on-site in our Calgary facility, we can guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time for most applications.

Contact us today. We have your solution.


24/7 Customer Service

Variperm provides engineering, field service and custom manufacturing solutions within 24 hours to save money and minimize downtimes.